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Keynote: GitHub on GitHub

Nat Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, GitHub

Keynote: Our Interconnected Community

Erica Brescia, Chief Operating Officer, GitHub

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Can't miss moments


See what’s up with lightning fast dev environments in the cloud.


Inside GitHub: Moving GitHub's Development to Codespaces

Cory Wilkerson (GitHub)


Making Codespaces Work for You

Allison Weins (GitHub), Bailey Brooks (GitHub)


Coding in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces and VS Code

Damian Brady (GitHub)


Get to the heart of what’s new with Issues.


Planning at scale with Issues

Mario Rodriguez (GitHub)


Planning at GitHub (Projects + Issues)

Matt Butler (GitHub)


Issue Forms for open source

Luke Hefson (GitHub)


Discover how to be a part of the action and improve your workflows, automagically, right in GitHub.


Inside GitHub: How we use GitHub Actions

Brian Douglas (GitHub)


GitHub Actions in action

Karan MV (GitHub)


Advanced GitHub Actions

Jennifer Schelkopf (GitHub)

   GitHub Enterprise

Learn how to build like the best to transform your team and business - safe, fast, together.


GitHub in the Enterprise

Maya Ross (GitHub)


What's new for GitHub Enterprise

Jarryd McCree (GitHub)


Enforcing information security policy through GitHub Enterprise

Thomas Worley (Qualcomm)


Peek at how to pair up with Copilot and leave programming solo behind.


Inside GitHub: How Copilot took flight

Paige Bailey (GitHub) Oege de Moor (GitHub)


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Laugh out loud must see dev tv bloopers.


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